Nursing in Practice CPD is a collection of online CPD modules for practice nurses in the UK. Our modules cover a variety of clinical topics relevant to practice nursing. Each module will contribute a given number of hours towards the total of 35 you need for revalidation.

When you complete a module, it is automatically stored in your CPD dashboard, along with any learning points you record and your certificate.

The modules on the site are written specifically for practice nurses, and reviewed by one of our practice nurse advisers. The content aims to reflect scenarios you will encounter on a daily basis in your consultations.

You are welcome to complete our modules and use them towards your revalidation. You may find there are some elements that are relevant to your area or setting, but please keep in mind that they are written solely for practice nurses. As such, the content will focus almost exclusively on nursing within primary care.

You are welcome to complete our modules and use them towards your revalidation. But note that they are written for UK practice nurses, and so the content will cite UK guidelines and common clinical practice.

While there is a selection of free modules available for you to complete, the majority will only be available to those who have paid to become a premium member.

Those modules available to premium members include our popular case-based format, as well as video modules recorded at our events up and down the country.

It costs £29.95 +VAT to become a premium member for one year.

On the homepage, click on Premium CPD to be taken to our payment provider. Here you will be able to pay by card, with an added option to renew it automatically each year.

Becoming a premium member gives you access to every module on the site. There are only around 5-10 free modules on the site at any one time, with access to the others reserved for premium members only.

Simply click on Register in the top left of the screen to sign up as a free member.

No, please register directly on Nursing in Practice Learning by clicking here.

The CPD dashboard is designed to show you how many of your 35 CPD hours you still require. When the dashboard is empty, it will show that you need the full 35 CPD hours. As you complete modules on the site, the chart at the top will fill depending on how many hours you have spent on each module.

The chart will start to fill based on the number of hours dedicated to online learning, and the number of participatory hours you have added.

The chart will be full once you have obtained all 35 CPD hours, but you can still complete CPD beyond this point and add it to your log.

Make sure to select the date of your revalidation using the calendar icon next to the chart.

All modules are written by UK nurses, GPs and consultants who work within the NHS. The author and their affiliation are stated on the front of each module.